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Al-Alsun Translation Service (ATS) is a dedicated language team of highly professional native translators who come from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Being located in Egypt in the Center of the Middle East made us the best choice of many foreign organizations and companies that need an Arabic localization or translation. 

We have developed our group on a solid base of expertise, knowledge and a stubborn crew. Our team has passed through many experiences and projects that enhanced its skills and talents. 

Thanks to our careful selection of translator and effective project management, ATS combines high quality and competitive prices.

The added value we create to our customers’ business is the most essential asset that makes us your ideal success partner.

Our Services

  • High-quality, cost-effective translation we provide you with, thanks to our highly qualified native-language translators and linguists team. All the members of our team hold university degrees in translation and have extensive experience in their specific fields.

  • Legal translation is regarded by some researchers as one of the most challenging endeavors, "combining the inventiveness of literary translation with the terminological precision of technical translation" (Harvey 2002). The translation of legal documents requires specialist legal translators who have the legal background and potentials to translate such texts. We provide our clients with professionally qualified legal translators who have years of experience and degrees. All our legal translators fall into two categories: the first category includes mainly graduates with a law degree who prefer the field of translation upon the legal profession. The second category includes mainly language students who have gained the legal terminology by working as legal translators. In the day-to-day practice legal practitioners are normally mixed with the dilemma of the variety of options, at first sight, suitable for translation, whereas it is not always a piece of cake to choose the right option for the interpretation or/and translation of terms, clauses and definitions in legal practice, using translation memory (TRADOS) we promise to meet our customers' requirements concerning precision, high quality, timely delivery, and reliability.

  • The financial world is vast and huge and no more local business, from Investment Banks, High Street Banks, to Insurance Companies. The world of finance is now an international market which means that you have to ensure that can communicate accurately with financial clients all over the world; which is extremely important and we can make that easily in your hands.

  • Translating the technical documents is not an easy matter to undertake, so the technical translation requires highly professional technicality and accuracy. A technical translator should have smart mind to understand, extensive expertise, and linguistic abilities in this field. He/she must be very familiar with the technical jargon in the target and source language. The technical terminology must be translated perfectly to its exact equivalent in the technical jargon, it's essential that all the terminology is translated correctly. Taken to an extreme, technical translation can literally be the difference between life and death; maybe this sounds a bit dramatic, but imagine if a slight misinterpretation in an installation manual or chemical ingredients transcript, this means wires maybe connected incorrectly or a chemical substance could be added wrongly.

  • Nowadays the Internet is one of the most effective means to market your products and services all over the world and to expand AND cultivate your business but your marketing will be limited to the local customers who can read and understand your offers unless you localize your products for the targeted customers. Here we can provide you with Website/software/solutions translation into various languages so that your potential customers in the foreign market can receive your offer perfectly as if it is originally written in their native language.

  • We provide high-quality interpretation services for business conferences, meeting, and interviews and for anybody or agency needs to communicate with a foreigner. Our professional highly qualified interpreters are ready to provide our customers with reliable services in most languages at affordable prices.

  • We provide editing and proofreading services for those who are proficient in the language but need assistance in the final editing of their reports, presentations, speeches, letters, or any written or spoken piece of language. Our clients from all international and national business agencies come to us to get revision work that will take their texts to a native-proficiency height.

  • Sometimes you need to send your business correspondence(s) in of your customer or partner's language, but unfortunately you don't have either the linguistic capabilities to write in this language or you initially do not know the language at all. In this case, we can help you translate your business correspondence through our professional native-language translators who have a great experience in the chosen field and know well how to employ their professionalism to achieve your business success.

  • Arabic is an important language in the global market. It is the native language of more than 200 million people in addition to being the official language of the Middle East and North Africa.

Recently Client says

ATS Prominent Members


Dr. Mohamed Tolba Nassar is not only a well-known lecturer in translation at the Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Ain Shams University but also an expert translator and interpreter and professional writer in Arabic. He has above all extensive experience and top quality translations delivered on time. However, he has some publications to his credit, most important among which is translation of the book: Women in Islam (1996), in addition to a prominent book on reproductive health in Islam

Why choose ATS?

Our team consists of a group of professional expert translators who are dedicated to their languages and the nations, societies, and cultures which come with them. They aim to improve their ability to understand their source language and write in their target language. They recognize that translation is both an art and a skill. As such, they are also committed to deepening their knowledge of the fields they translate in, and to cultivating greater facility for writing about such matters. Being connoisseur, they adhere to the professional standards of translation.
We seek to produce standard-setting translations as we are aware of the different problematic issues involved in translation. In order to guarantee the highest quality of translation, we use permanent, dedicated translators who are not only experienced in the client’s given industry domain, but also well versed with the translation standard tools and processes. Furthermore, to ensure high productivity and sustain consistency throughout the translation, CAT tools are used, including translation memories. Our strategy for quality assurance means the translation has to pass through different filters after the initial translation is submitted by the translator to ATS.
We lay great store by the privacy and exclusivity of the work we do for our clients. Our clients' confidentiality is the principle we seek, so that an ATS translator shouldn't and cannot reveal information about our clients to a third party without the consent of the client. All our translators and language experts must meet our strict standards of privacy.
Our main goal is to meet the requirements of each client and deliver the projects in the agreed deadlines with the highest quality standards. So we do our best to achieve this goal through our project managers who are dedicated to meet our client's need and accomplish the project in the most satisfying manner.

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