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Al-Alsun Translation Service (ATS) is a dedicated language team of highly professional native translators who come from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Being located in Egypt in the Center of the Middle East made us the best choice of many foreign organizations and companies that need an Arabic localization or translation. We have developed our group on a solid base of expertise, knowledge and a stubborn crew. Our team has passed through many experiences and projects that enhanced its skills and talents. Thanks to our careful selection of translator and effective project management, ATS combines high quality and competitive prices. The added value we create to our customers’ business is the most essential asset that makes us your ideal success partner.

Al-Alsun Translation Service (ATS) is a. group of talented, dynamic, highly-qualified and highly professional translators who studied language and translation at the Faculty of Al-Alsun (Modern Languages), one of the best language and translation institutes in thelanguage and translation at the Faculty of Al-Alsun (Modern the services, thus meeting the needs of individuals, communities, agencies and corporations.

Dr. Mohamed Tolba Nassar is not only a well-known lecturer in translation at the Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Ain Shams University but also an expert translator and interpreter and professional writer in Arabic. He has above all extensive experience and top quality translations delivered on time. However, he has some publications to his credit, most important among which is translation of the book: Women in Islam (1996), in addition to a prominent book on reproductive health in Islam